A greenhouse in the garden: what is it for?

Do you think a greenhouse is only useful in the vegetable garden, market garden version? Far from it! It is even useful in every season.

The new greenhouse models can be installed anywhere, in small urban gardens such as on a terrace, balcony or rooftop.

Qualitative, decorative, tailor-made and even durable, contemporary greenhouses have many advantages. Sold new or second-hand, they are very popular.

1. It is used to winter exotic plants

A greenhouse in the city is used first and foremost to protect the plants from frost while guaranteeing them good sunshine throughout the cold season. It’s the big bang of the Orangeries for wintering!

2. It is used to decorate the outdoor area

More than ten years ago, it was Monsieur who chose a greenhouse according to technical criteria. It was placed at the bottom of the vegetable garden. Today, it is Madame who chooses it at 72%, the colour models are particularly popular and can be matched with the colour of the joinery frames. The greenhouse is being installed closer and closer to the house and kitchen. It is part of the habitat!

3. It is used for successful sowing

As early as January, the first seedlings can be sown under cover, to take a few weeks in advance of sowing in the open. Vegetables, fruit, aromatics and flowers well protected will have an optimized germination, with a view to satisfactory harvests.

4. It is used to optimize crops

When the weather is toothed, the first few days of spring alternate between mild days and cold nights, hot sunshine and cool rain, then garden and vegetable garden enthusiasts need a greenhouse to reduce their exposure to temperature variations.

5. It is used to protect plants from external aggressions

A greenhouse is an excellent barrier against pests (slugs, snails, moth, caterpillars…). It also protects from surrounding pesticide sprays, especially if you live in the countryside. Or in the city, air pollution.

6. It is used to regulate temperature and humidity

Opening the ventilation hatches according to the weather of the day allows temperature and humidity to be controlled to create ideal conditions for the plants. Similarly, watering under glass is controlled: an important advantage for tomatoes, which are often attacked by mildew due to excess humidity.

7. It is used to grow tomatoes

In a vegetable greenhouse, what vegetables are grown? 80%… tomatoes! Peppers and chillies follow, as well as herbs.

8. It is used to install an aquaponics system

In a greenhouse, an aquaponics installation, vegetables + fish, is enhanced and protected. An ideal solution for those who want to test food autonomy.

9. It serves as an additional room

You will certainly want to install a deck chair in the middle of your winter plants or in the middle of your tomatoes! Or even furnish your English cottage-style greenhouse with a table and chairs, a sofa or hammock to stroll or have lunch with the family, watch your vegetables grow, read a book, have a tea or a drink…

10. It is used to animate a community

In a school or an Ehpad, where gardening is recognized for its beneficial effects, the installation of a greenhouse makes sense: it encourages apprentice gardeners who see their crops maximized.